_J7A3845 melody and boy 6x10 waterhiIn this day and age things are becoming more corporate and less focused on what truly is the customers’ wants and needs. But not so at Fluegge Optical we are focused on our customer and excellent results.

We aren’t paid on a commission basis and we are here to take the time to have you tell us what you want or are needing. We will show you what’s available and put all the elements together to create a unique personalized experience so you have what works for you and not just what we want to sell you.

Even down to the things as simple as you want to put your old lenses in a new frame, we can do it.  New lenses in your old frame, also no problem or glass lenses for the best optics and scratch resistance. Did we mention that we are the only laboratory left in Wisconsin that makes glass lenses?!

In the fashion world we buy many European brands that are not readily available in WI or Chicago land. Keeping in mind that we take pride on having the greatest array of  the “out outrageous”, funky, fun to extraordinarily practical & durable, kid friendly eye wear and providing it for you with turn around service even to the point of making eyewear while you wait.

We’ll never forget who brought us to the party, our customers. We could go on, but in a nut shell let’s suffice to say we’re here to give you the best of everything optical in the way you want it, by a dedicated staff that are doing this because it is our profession and not our job.  We are committed to you as we hope to find you will be committed to us as your eyewear provider.