077Most insurance plans are accepted and we will be happy to verify applicable coverage.

Flex Plans and HSA plan payments are accepted for qualified policy coverage.

VSP Policy Holders

Fluegge Optical is not a VSP listed provider.   The reason is because this insurance company is owned wholly by optometrists and therefore only list business that are either optometrists or ophthalmologists owned as providers.

Since Fluegge Optical is considered an “optician” that eliminates us.

What we can do…we have out of Network provider forms in stock that we will fill out for you to help you get you partial coverage.

Don’t eliminate us…

In summary, you need to know that you although your coverage may not seem as big, you will have an increase value using Fluegge Optical because of our; conservative price structure (since we don’t play the increase 40% to discount 20% world) and our guaranteed 150% attention to service, quality, warranty of your purchase.

Stop in and shop “seeing is believing”