Fluegge Optical InteriorFluegge Optical takes a personal and strong sense of responsibility in providing a service to those in need of low vision aids.

We consistently are on the lookout for advancement in available magnifiers, computer software, lamps (and whatever we can get)  to try with the low vision patient that is struggling in trying to do task or project that in a prior time were simple and now impossible.

At Fluegge Optical we have a separate room and will be happy to book up an appointment for a no cost one on one session and try out one our many aids and products to make life just a bit more fun again. Your privacy and dignity are a top priority for us.  No shopping in catalogs and just getting discouraged here you have the ability to try before you buy to make sure it helps.

Call and ask to talk to Rocky or Dale and let’s see just what we can do for you.