Our Satisfaction and Performance Commitments

All the eyewear we sell has a minimum of one year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, you can expect a 90 day satisfaction guarantee which includes, no charge Rx changes or style selection (that occur within 90 days of purchase) and a 6 month no charge prescription change for children.

A Personal Commitment

016If you come to see us, I am sure that will find that we live up to all we profess on this website and in our marketing materials. We are a community involved company with long term employees that will provide to you your very best retail experience ever.

You must experience us first hand to appreciate all that we will consistently offer you our customer.  From our friendly attentive greeter at our front door, our upbeat nostalgic music, the kids area to keep your youngsters interested while parents shop, our changing seasonal décor (plus you must check out our originally designed bathrooms), look over the works of the featured Artist of the Month all the while you are having your eyeglass needs met by a member of our optician staff.

At times we may appear quite busy but we will guarantee to spend all the time you need to help you make the right decision for your eyeglass needs.

I tell people often that I have my name on the building and my phone number in the book and myself 100% accountable to everything that we do here Fluegge Optical.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Fluegge Optical and I hope we will have a chance to let you realize that “seeing is believing”.


Dale S. Fluegge