“Our Aim Is To Improve Your Game “

At Fluegge Optical we pride ourselves on understanding the unique requirements of the individual sportsman’s needs and the specific products that will improve their results. Most eyewear suppliers don’t understand this sport and most eyewear manufacturers don’t understand optics.  But we at Fluegge Optical absolutely understand both important components.

If you are not familiar with us, ask your fellow shooters about us and you will hear that we are their best kept secret in the “bulls’ eye”.

We offer Randolph, Decote, Pella, Post 4 shooting frames and have them in stock ready to dispense for your competition schedule or hunting trip.

Trap, Skeet & Sporting Clay Eyewear

Whatever is your shooting game, we at Fluegge Optical know it and understand it!  We are here to help you make the right decisions in lens style, lens color and optimal frame.   We stock Randolph, DeCot, Post 4 and Pella.  So, whatever your needs are (whether a complete new pair or replacement lenses for your existing frame) we are all in for coming up with what is best for you and most of the time, while you wait!

We have developed a new and unique way of mounting, edging, and notching your lenses to make them interchange easier and still mount in to your frame securely (the lenses do not wiggle while you are in line to shoot).  This also allows the lenses to mount farther back in to the frame while making the view though power more exact to your prescription needs.

By the way, are your cable temples on your frame getting “saggy” with age?  No problem we can also fix what you got.  As it says on our removable side shields we give you “it is our aim to improve your game”

Notes for High Power Pros…

For you ‘high power’ people out there, we have found that the lenses provided with the add on front and rear sites (both 18-30mm) are very substandard in optical quality.  Fluegge Optical can provide you with replacement lenses that are performance proven by many of the pros as the best ones out there – also in .10 diopter steps between the +.25 and +.50, also between the +.50 and +.75.  The truth is in the new clearer yardage ‘made with glass’, not polycarbonate or plastic.

New Lenses Will Travel…

Need just lenses and you live away from us?  No problem here as we can make new lenses and ship them out to you at a shipper/courier of choice as fast you need them. Next day, can do!!  You don’t have to be local to experience the Fluegge difference!

Sporty’s-Sporty’s- Sporty’s…

Finally, let’s not forget to tell you that Fluegge Optical developed two-color lenses that our customer are shooting out the sky with.  By having ‘extreme’ dual colors in your sites while surveying those high birds straight up, you’ll see them even easier.

Ask us about these unique “only at Fluegge’s” and only the best!