Dive Masks

For skin divers, bring in the dive mask that you are happy with the fit and we’ll put your prescription in glass lenses laminated to the inside.  This is the only way to get excellent optics in a fit that is just right for you and no waiting weeks to send to a home based provider or dive shop that can’t guarantee the fit accuracy and the prompt delivery that we can do.

No smoke and mirrors just experience, equipment and ability.

Swim Goggles

We stock several different brands so we can give swimmers of all ages the ability to see comfortably in water like you do on land.

Personal Water Craft

We stock the Maui Jim Waterman a unique frame made in non-prescription or in your prescription that will stay on your face no matter how hard you drive and has vents around so the water drains out.

Even now water-skiers can have the ability to see and concentrate to improve your sport without the poor vision worries or losing contact lenses.

In addition we now have a frame made by Italia Independent that look like a Wayfarer, but it floats!