Dive Masks

At Fluegge Optical we pride ourselves on understanding the unique needs of divers and snorkelers, and the desire for an out of this world underwater experience. Most eyewear manufacturers and retailers simply don’t understand specialty optics and the importance of prescription dive masks like we do.

Bring in your favorite dive mask and we’ll turn it into a prescription dive mask right in our onsite lab. First, we create a custom glass lens based on your personal prescription and the dimensions of your mask. The custom lens is then laminated to the inside of your mask to create your own prescription dive mask. The result is a custom mask that will deliver premium optics in a fit that is just right for you.

No need to wait weeks to send your dive mask out to a home-based provider or dive shop that can’t guarantee the accuracy of fit or prompt delivery.

We have been creating custom prescription dive masks for adults and children for decades and pride ourselves in taking on even the most unique challenges to help divers and snorkelers get the best underwater experience possible.

No smoke and mirrors. We’ve got the experience, equipment and ability. Seeing is believing.

Swim Goggles

If you wear corrective lenses to see clearly on a day to day basis, you could also benefit from wearing prescription swim goggles.

Not currently using prescription swim goggles? Here are a few of the benefits:
• Clarity – improved depth perception underwater
• Safety – easily spot underwater hazards like rocks in an open water swim
• Security – no need to worry about losing your contacts while you swim

Knowing how to choose the right prescription swim goggles may seem intimidating, but it does not have to be difficult. When it comes to your vision, you never want to guess at the correct prescription so it is important to work with an expert who can help you find the right fit.

At Fluegge Optical we have been creating custom and specialty lenses since 1918. We offer several brands of prescription swim goggles for adults and children, for a variety of uses from competitive swimming to recreational use.

Whether you are heading to the beach, the pool or your next triathlon, we would like to help fit you with the right prescription swim goggles to your needs. We craft all lenses right in our onsite lab, reducing the turnaround time so you can get swimming!

Personal Water Craft

Getting out on the open water offers a feeling of independence and freedom. The last thing you want is to worry about your glasses falling off or your contacts giving you issues. With prescription sports glasses you can enjoy your watersport activities without having to think twice about seeing clearly.

Have you ever lost your sunglasses in the lake or ocean? Maybe you watched them sink just out of reach? We have a frames made by Italia Independent and Dragon that look like the popular Wayfarer sunglasses, but these frames actually float!

We also stock the Maui Jim Waterman, a unique frame that will stay on your face no matter how hard you drive. This model of prescription sports glasses, specifically crafted for watersports, has vents so the water drains out. The Waterman is available in prescription as well as and non-prescription lenses.

At Fluegge Optical we pride ourselves on understanding the unique needs of watersports enthusiasts. In fact, we’ve been crafting specialty optics for decades right here in our onsite lab. Let us help you up your game on your boat, jet ski, sail boat or other water sports with prescription sports glasses.

As we like to say, seeing is believing, so we invite you to come in see for yourself today!