030As far as repairs are concerned, we feel that we can repair most eyewear failures and do it while you wait (during business hours).  If we can’t, we can always find a way to retro fit your old lenses into a new frame in the most financially acceptable way for you. Also, we silver solder frames just like jewelers and will re-touch the finish to the best of our ability.

We have also been asked to color match a frame to a specific outfit or event, whatever ! Including sending frames out to be powder coated to the match the desired color.  We can re-silver or gold or platinum plate frames.  As you can see we’re all about getting or giving just what you want.

Sometimes people come to Fluegge Optical from another optical provider expecting a repair or replacement of their eyewear. Thanks for thinking of us but, please note that we stand behind what we have sold -we take care of our customers.   So we cannot be expected to repair or replace something sold to you online or at another retail optical location other than Fluegge Optical.  However if we can accommodate your repair, a reasonable fee will be charged.